May 29, 2018 10.55 am This story is over 66 months old

Driver narrowly avoids Tritton Road crash

The driver quickly slams on the breaks to avoid a collision

A Lincoln driver took to Youtube to share a hair-raising close call on Tritton Road.

Dash cam footage shows an orange Toyota Yaris veer dangerously close to the inside lane dash cam user before quickly switching across.

The dash cam driver seems to brake sharply to avoid an accident. Notably frustrated, they raise their hand in disbelief at the scene which has just unfolded.

The Yaris did use its indicators but appears to have missed the other driver in their mirror.

The video was titled “Just pull out why don’t you?!”

It was uploaded by YouTube channel Idiot Drivers in Lincolnshire and the UK and has already racked up over 300 views.

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