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Councillors brand students’ welcome arch idea ‘bonkers’

Councillors didn’t hold back

An idea from students to create a ‘welcome archway’ to Boston Market Place has been branded ‘bonkers’, ‘tacky’ and a ‘waste of time’ by councillors.

The idea, aimed at helping direct visitors around the town, is one of a series of suggestions set to be investigated by cabinet as part of a market place overhaul following a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday.

Pupils from four Boston schools completed their own consultation on the town’s facilities with their suggestions being compiled into a report which also included feedback from local businesses, traders and visitors.

The archway was suggested for the entrance from Wide Bargate, with pupils from Boston High School saying that they felt the arch would ‘make the market place more noticeable and attractive’.

An example image of the arch welcoming people to Leicester Market featured in Boston High School’s report to the council.

Conservative councillor Jonathan Noble however, said: “I think it’s an absolutely bonkers idea.

“The market place is the centre of the town, the centre of town’s not very big, everybody knows where the Market Place is and for people who come to Boston parking in Wide Bargate the market is signed.”

He said the sign was a waste of time and money.

Fellow Conservative Stephen Woodliffe added he thought the idea was ‘rather tacky’.

“Boston is a small town and you’d be hard pressed to find the Market whichever route you take into the town.”

Councillor Anton Dani, of the Bostonian Independents Group, however, said he felt it was a ‘really great idea’. He suggested placing it on another main route into the centre such as the Town Bridge

“It would be nice if it is nicely decorated and artistic. It could be something great and attractive to help people round,” he added.

Conservative Councillor Nigel Welton said Peterborough’s outdoor market, also visible from the street, had four signs on each corner.

“There’s no doubt Peterborough Market is there when you’re stood there looking at it,” he said.

Council officer Phil Perry said funding from the sign might not have to come from the council, it could take the form of grant funding from organisations such as the Arts Council.

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