July 19, 2018 4.41 pm This story is over 38 months old

Divide in Boston over arch dubbed ‘bonkers’

People in Boston called on councillors to be more supportive of the initiative

People in Boston have criticised local councillors for putting young people off engaging with local politics after they called an idea to install a welcome arch to the Market Place ‘bonkers’.

A meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday saw councillors vote by majority in favour of asking Boston Borough Council’s cabinet to investigate a series of ideas to improve the market when they meet on September 5

The Welcome Arch, suggested in a report by Boston High School, was also however called ‘tacky’ and a ‘waste of time and money’ by councillors Jonathan Noble and Stephen Woodliffe when it was discussed, however other councillors such as Anton Dani and Nigel Welton spoke in its defence.

An image of the arch welcoming people to Leicester Market featured in Boston High School’s report to the council.

Following publication of the story yesterday, David Powell wrote on Facebook: “I think it’s you and your mind set that represent everything that is wrong with this town.

“You have no ideas of any note yourself yet when some people are asked for an opinion, you dismiss it as bonkers.

“I actually think that not only does the idea have merit, it also shows that young people want to engage – that can only be a good thing.

“And how do you encourage them? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Philip Sharpe wrote: “The issue for me isn’t whether a “Welcome Arch” is a good or bad idea. Its the way these councillors have dismissed the idea in such an arrogant way.

“Surely the school kids are the future of this town and should not be alienated by comments such as this?”

Joanne Pick added: “My thoughts exactly. The children seem to be more adult than the nasty-minded councillors.”

Yvonne Bentley said: “How very unprofessional. I would have hoped for a more reasoned response, but perhaps that’s just the triumph of hope over experience.”

Others in the comments pointed out that arches apparently similar to those suggested were already in place in Dolphin and Emery Lanes.

The arch on Dolphin Lane. Photo: Boston Borough Council

Other commenters did appear to agree with the councillors though, with Martin Emmonds  saying it was a ‘stupid gimmick’.

However, he added: “They’re incapable or unwilling to address the concerns of locals in Boston, but they have plenty of time and money to waste on this.”

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