August 10, 2018 3.52 pm This story is over 65 months old

Butlins guest records stolen in hack

It has been reported to the Information Commissioners Office

Butlins, which has a branch in Skegness, has confirmed that up to 34,000 of its guest records may have been accessed by an unauthorised third party.

The company, which is a chain of large holiday camps, told guests that “all payment details are secure and have not been compromised”.

The data includes booking reference numbers, lead guest names, holiday arrival dates, postal and email addresses and phone numbers.

Butlins have reported the incident to the Information Commissioners Office, but investigations have not found any fraudulent activity related to this event.

The hack was caused by a phishing attack via an unauthorised email.

The company has directly contacted guests who may have been affected to let them know what has happened and what they should do, as well as what is being done to resolve the situation.

The Skegness branch was not able to confirm details  Lincolnshire Reporter

Lincolnshire Reporter contacted Butlins to find out if the local Skegness branch is affected and were told it is not possible to confirm the exact distribution of the individuals affected.

Managing Director at Butlins Dermot King said: “Butlin’s take the security of our guest data very seriously and have improved a number of our security processes.

“I would like to apologise for any upset or inconvenience this incident might cause. A dedicated team has been set up to contact all guests who may be affected directly. I would like to personally reassure guests that no financial data has been compromised.”

Dermot King has also issued an open letter on the Butlins website advising people what the situation is and what happens next. For more information click here.

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