New on the McDonald’s Lincoln menu: Deep fried cards

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A Lincoln man got more than he paid for after a late night meal at McDonald’s in Lincoln — he got his debit card back, deep fried.

On Friday, August 17, friends Luke Hinojosa and Tom Beck went to the Gateway McDonald’s off Newark Road.

They used the drive-through and got their meal promptly, but Tom decided he wanted an extra drink.

The friends say they passed the worker Tom’s debit card to use the contactless pay option on the till.

But he didn’t receive his card back straight away.

Instead, they say the restaurant worker came back a few minutes later to apologise because the card was dropped in the frier.

Tom and Luke took the mishap in good spirits and had a laugh about their extra crunchy bonus.

So tonight went to McDonalds, went through the drive through no problem.. Tom Beck decided he wanted an extra drink. Passes the worker his card to contactless comes back 5 minutes later then says to tom.. Excuse me sir I’ve dropped your card in the frier.. You what..

Posted by Luke Hinojosa on Friday, 17 August 2018