September 28, 2018 5.11 pm This story is over 66 months old

You batter believe it! First win for Lincolnite vs Food


We’re not ones to let a food challenge crêpe up on us. The Lincolnite vs Food is back with a crazy food challenge from Crivo’s Pancake House.

Finally in our fifth food challenge, we’ve managed to get onto the scoreboard with a win for The Lincolnite.

Crivo’s on the lower High Street created a food challenge especially for us, which they’re now adding to the menu for everybody to try.

There are three challenges to try at £12 individually if you manage to complete them, or free if you can take on all three within 30 minutes.

There are the double sweet pancakes with dark and white matter, or the double savoury pancakes where you can combine a special pancake with a classic filling, or there are the quadruple sweet waffles with chocolate and fruit.

Joseph liked the challenge a waffle lot and he brought the first victory to the office for The Lincolnite vs Food.

Here’s a reminder of the other four food challenges in Lincoln that we failed.