November 2, 2018 3.46 pm This story is over 63 months old

E-fit released of police officer fraudster

An elderly man was targeted

Police have issued an e-fit of an Asian man who posed as a police officer and defrauded an elderly man out of over £7,000 in Boston last month.

Police said the offenders used a brazen tactic whereby they claimed to be police officers. The victim was told to withdraw money from his bank account.

It was then handed over to an Asian male in his 20s who was believed to be driving a Black Mercedes or Audi Saloon.

Over £4,000 was handed over at around 3pm on October 11 and a further £3,000 at around 5pm from the victim’s address in Hubberts Bridge in Boston.

The offender is described as being of slim build, in his 20s and wearing casual clothing.

Investigating Officer DC Marr said: “Lincolnshire Police would never tell you to withdraw money from your bank or hand money over. We would never ask for your pin number or your card.

“These people are hugely convincing, even making sure the victim keeps a mobile phone line open so they can hear everything that is said.

“If you have any suspicions at all, hang up the phone and seek the advice of a friend or relative. Although this is a common technique, there are many people who are unaware of it.

Help fight police officer fraud by spreading awareness. Photo: Lincolnshire Police

“We are supporting the City of London Police campaign and urging residents to tell two other people about this method of fraud. Knowledge is power when it comes to these unscrupulous individuals who rely on peoples trust and vulnerability.”

Anyone who recognises the e-fit or believes they have any information to assist the enquiry should contact 101.