December 11, 2018 11.59 am This story is over 61 months old

Lincoln driver explains why the second lane exists

What do you think?

Are too many people using the left lane in the uphill area of Lincoln? That is certainly the view of some Yellowbellies.

Lincoln driver Jase Andrews believes too many people staying in the left-hand lane is causing issues, an issue which was previously hotly debated on The Lincolnite.

He urged people n the Facebook group ‘You’re probably from Lincoln if…’ to become more aware about why the second lane exists to help ease the uphill traffic.

He said: “I have noticed that uphill Lincoln is worse than downhill Lincoln for traffic on the way home and I truly believe it is down to too many people in the left lane.

“Hopefully this will inform people of the issues that staying in the left lane can cause.

“While I enjoy flying along in the right-hand lane, staying in the left-hand lane causes issues for people before Lindum Hill due to not being able to exit roads at traffic lights, which in turn causes issues everywhere.

“I am not moaning, just informing people, the roads uphill are a lot smaller than downhill and it doesn’t take much to cause massive queues.

“Using the right hand land won’t resolve all issues but will help to ease the uphill traffic.”

The video caused a debate in the comments.

“I like being able to sail past everyone waiting patiently,” Sarah Carter joked adding a laughing crying emjoi.

She then added: “On a serious note. I had someone report me to my employers (sign written van) for using the right hand lane after they’d cut me up pulling into lane one.

“Dash cam was my witness thankfully. I don’t use lane one as I’m sick of people cutting me up in a panic to get into lane one instead of waiting to merge like they are supposed to.

“I keep saying I’m going to get a group of people together with sandwich boards with directions on how to use the roads properly. Don’t even get me started on spiral roundabouts. The problem is, the roads change but people are uneducated and don’t know how to use them safety or properly.”

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