December 17, 2018 2.59 pm This story is over 33 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Is it time for a People’s Vote?

Is another vote really the way out of this mess?

As confidence in Theresa May and her ability to negotiate a good Brexit deal for Britain wanes, public support for a second referendum, or ‘People’s Vote,’ is growing.

The People’s Vote campaign, currently comprising of 700,000 active supporters and 20,000 activists, want to give the British public a say on the final deal that should be negotiated between the UK and the EU.

But if there is another referendum, should there be an option for the UK to remain in the EU? Or should a second referendum simply be a choice about whether we exit the EU with a deal or without one?

The Lincolnite took to the streets of Lincoln to ask people what they thought about the prospect of a People’s Vote and whether there should be an option for us to remain in the EU.

Tim Wilkinson, a Remain supporter said: ” I think the issues are too complicated,  it can’t just be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer because if you involve the details of the deal, it will get hellishly complicated.”

Chris Victoria, another Remain supporter said: “Although I’m a Remainer, I think we should really get on with it. Personally I don’t think the deal we’ve got is good enough, so I think we’re running out of options.”

Watch the video to find out what people in Lincoln really think about a People’s Vote.

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