February 21, 2019 10.02 am This story is over 62 months old

“Inconsiderate” parking blocks fire station

Every second counts in an emergency

A lorry driver’s “inconsiderate” parking blocked access to a Lincolnshire fire station overnight while they waited at a nearby chip shop.

Donington Community Fire Station near Spalding posted about the incident on its Facebook page saying “Please be considerate when parking. Every second counts in an emergency”.

It appears the driver ‘thought the building was derelict’ when in fact they ended up blocking crucial access for the fire crews.

Donington Community Fire Station said: “Unfortunately we have encountered another irresponsible driver tonight.

“Our appliances were unable gain access to the fire station. The driver in question was under the impression that the building was ‘derelict’ and it was ok to park there whilst he waited in the chip shop next door.

“We are a very active station. Our crew response time is around two minutes but only as long as we have clear access.

“Please be considerate when parking. Every second counts in an emergency!”

A Lincolnshire Fire station has warned people not to park right outside the building. Photo: Donington Community Fire Station Facebook page

This isn’t the first time this has happened as back in October 2018 they said more inconsiderate parking made it “difficult for our personnel to get access to our station”.

This issue has been going on for at least a number of years. In a post from January 2017 the fire station pleaded with people to not park or stop on the “clearly marked zig zag lines outside the fire station and also do not use the station for a turning point”.