February 5, 2019 2.49 pm This story is over 56 months old

Lincs FM Group bought out

The Group now has new owners

Bauer Media Group will buy Lincs FM Group and Celador Radio for an undisclosed sum.

Lincs FM Group started in 1992. It is based at Witham Park on Waterside South in Lincoln, comprising of nine licences across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Rutland.

It also acquired KCFM in 2009 which is now being sold to Nation Radio.

It is also understood that this means the end of radio for Lincs FM Chief Executive Michael Betton and Chairman of Celador Entertainment Limited Paul Smith CBE. Both are founders of their own radio groups with Michael with the Lincs FM Group from day one.

Bauer has agreed to sell The Breeze and Sam FM in the Solent region and Lincs FM Group-owned KCFM in Yorkshire to Nation Radio. Bauer already operates in these markets with Wave 105.2 FM and Viking Radio respectively.

Extending Bauer’s portfolio

The Lincs FM Group and Celdaor stations will add 1.1 million weekly listeners to the Bauer portfolio.

It extends the company’s coverage of the UK after previous successful acquisitions of stations such as Jazz FM, Orion Media and Nordic broadcaster SBS Discovery.

This follows the company’s successful national launches of Hits Radio in June 2018 and Greatest Hits Radio in January 2019. It will also launched Scala Radio on March 4 2019.

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