February 12, 2019 2.58 pm This story is over 31 months old

Washing basket rescue for exotic raccoon dog

He is in a quarantine area

An exotic raccoon dog on the loose near Boston is safe in quarantine after being caught with a washing basket.

As previously reported, ARK Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Boston was contacted on Sunday evening about a sighting of a raccoon dog in a garden in the Kirton area.

Some humane traps were set in various gardens with a plan to scout around the area to see if a location could be found for where the animal was sleeping in the day.

The Sanctuary posted on social media on Tuesday, February 12 saying “he is now safe and sound in our quarantine area”.

A raccoon dog was spotted in a garden in the Kirton area. Photo: ARK Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary

The raccoon dog will now “live out his days” at the ARK Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary. After a small quarantine period where his health can be checked the animal will move in with the other seven rescue tanukis.

The sanctuary said: “Much to our surprise after an hour or so a keeper spotted a tail disappear behind a bush and into a garden that was too bushy for a cat.

“We radioed Jamie who came and knocked on the door whilst we were on tender hooks as we could see eyes reflecting in the torch beam in the garden.

“Thankfully the couple were home and agreed to let the three mad people scour the garden. We managed to find him quite quickly but the end of the garden was overgrown and he managed to slip through a small hole in the fence to a house behind.

“Jamie then had to run to the other house whilst we tried to direct him by site and luckily this family were home and let him inside.

“As our base of operations was now several streets away the family lent Jamie a washing basket which he managed to use to catch him. We then retrieved our crates and managed to safely transfer him over. Job done.”

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