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Man ‘under investigation’ as court order lifted over whale trainer’s death

Her body was found in December 2018

The death of Cleethorpes killer whale trainer Amy Gerard is being treated as possible homicide according to reports.

It is understood that her boyfriend was told he is being placed under investigation after a secrecy order has been lifted by the court.

In December 2018 DNA tests confirmed the body pulled out of the sea in Tenerife was that of Lincoln graduate Amy Gerrard. When the autopsy showed the body had signs of violence on it, the case was passed over to the Court For Violence Against Women in La Orotova.

Before the body was found, the 28-year-old who worked at Tenerife’s Loro Parque marine theme park was last seen outside Irish bar Molly Malone in Puerto de La Cruz.

Amy worked at Tenerife’s Loro Parque marine theme park.

Amy, who studied animal behaviour science at the University of Lincoln, left the bar just after midnight on Friday, November 30 with her German boyfriend at the time Dennis Kissling. She was not seen again after they went their separate ways.

A court specialising in violence against women is dealing with the case. A secrecy order was placed over the court probe into the disappearance and death.

It appears the secrecy order has now been lifted. It is understood that Amy’s boyfriend would be summoned before a judge to give evidence. However, the statement from the court does not name Dennis Kissling as the man under investigation.

Photo: Facebook

An official speaking on behalf of the investigation judge in charge of the Court of Violence Against Women in La Orotova is quoted as saying: “The court has lifted the secrecy order hanging over the case since last year following the discovery of the body of Amy Louise Gerard off Puerto de la Cruz.

“The court has confirmed that the investigation has detected indications of criminality with regards to the boyfriend of the Loro Parque worker, who has been summonsed to give evidence in the next few weeks as a person under official investigation over his possible involvement in the death of Amy.

“The young woman disappeared on November 30 last year. She was last seen alive that night in a bar in Puerto de la Cruz with several people, including the person who is now under investigation.

“When the autopsy showed that her body had signs of violence on it, the judge who was investigating the case at the time passed it over to the Court For Violence Against Women in La Orotova, where the dead woman lived.”

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