May 13, 2019 11.42 am This story is over 58 months old

Liberal Democrats challenge Brexit Party to debate

They say they’re “chomping at the bit” to debate

The Lincoln Liberal Democrats have challenged the lead candidate for The Brexit Party Annunziata Rees-Mogg to a debate ahead of the European elections.

Caroline Kenyon, MEP candidate and prospective parliamentary candidate for Lincoln, said a debate was needed between the two opposing views on the European Union.

Mrs Kenyon challenged Mrs Rees-Mogg, who is sister of MP and arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, to come to the city to debate in public.

The Liberal Democrat candidate offered three potential dates to host the event; Monday, May 20, Tuesday, May 21 and Wednesday, May 22.

Mrs Kenyon said it was important that both the anti-Brexit and pro-Brexit views were debated ahead of polling day.

“I’m chomping at the bit,” she said.

She added that she is yet to receive a response from the Brexit Party.

Both Mrs Kenyon and Mrs Rees-Mogg are candidates for the East Midlands constituency at the election on May 23.

The Lib Dems launched their ‘Stop Brexit’ manifesto on May 9.

Rees-Mogg is the lead candidate for the Brexit Party, which held a rally at Lincolnshire Showground last Friday evening.

Nigel Farage visited Lincoln on Friday. Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The party does not appear to have a manifesto or policies, but has also led its campaign on the issue of Brexit.

Rees-Mogg failed to be elected for the Conservative Party at both the 2005 and 2010 General Elections before being dropped for pre-selections in 2011 by former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, made a brief visit to Lincoln’s High Street ahead of the rally but did not speak to the local press.

A small number of supporters greeted Mr Farage and offered him a picture.

Supporters said they felt “let down by the government” and that they had “nobody to represent” them until the party formed.

Other parties including Change UK, Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, UKIP, The Green Party and independent candidates will also stand for election on polling day on May 23 in the East Midlands. You can find a full list of them here.

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