June 6, 2019 4.05 pm This story is over 29 months old

Is this a UFO over Lincoln?

What do you think it is?

Is this a UFO over Lincoln? What else could it be?

Simon Carrison from Lincoln captured photos from his back garden on College Close in Lincoln of a strange object in the sky at 6.38pm on May 23. He was left puzzled as to what it might be.

He said: “It travelled towards the east from over the north of Lincoln. It was quite high and it was moving reasonably fast hence the slight blur.

Is this a UFO over Lincoln or what could it be? Photo: Simon Carrison

“It was glinting off the sun and is seemingly quite large. No idea what it might be. Perhaps a weather balloon, not sure.

“I’d guess it was over to the east of the city if not further. It came from Nettleham way I would guess.”

It is the second recent unusual sighting in the county after a very long and thin shape with trailing dots was spotted in Caythorpe..

The spotter claimed they had “never, ever seen anything like this before”. The sighting prompted comments from people saying it was Starlink satellites, with another saying SpaceX released a load of low level satellites.

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