June 28, 2019 5.20 pm This story is over 28 months old

Local Democracy Weekly: Money won’t cure health shake-up woes – but it might help relieve symptoms

Trusts are, in general, being asked to do much more, with much less

We’ve all heard how financial strains are now forcing changes on the health services – all of Lincolnshire had the chance to voice concerns over the latest Healthy Conversation consultation, sustainability plan… or whichever name proposals are now being referred to.

The trusts are, in general, being asked to do much more, with much less, and in order to do so are finding themselves having to re-arrange the facilities they have.

But, it would probably be a lot easier if the government was willing to fork over £79 million ULHT had asked for – much of it for work to do with those very plans.

In fact, the trust has received just £45.9 million of the £125.1 million it’s asked for over the past three years with just one of those for STP changes – the new medical school.

To be fair, it’s also had funding for mental health facilities in accident and emergency departments, among other things, fire safety, and electronic improvements. But with the flames of residents’ anger licking at their feet and little support from government, Lincolnshire trusts seem to sometimes be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

If government and NHS England want services to be more streamlined, more efficient, and safe and they want residents to be happy (or as happy as they can be when they have to travel 30+ miles between hospitals), surely they’re going to have to dip deeper into their own pockets?

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