July 24, 2019 1.17 pm This story is over 29 months old

Police to urban explorers: “Stop exploring abandoned houses”

Group of teens caught by police

“Stop exploring abandoned houses” — that’s the message from Lincolnshire Police as they warn of criminal prosecutions to come.

Lindum Terrace is home to some old and beautiful buildings which have been left to rot for over the last 12 years.

The Lincolnite has reported on school children and urban explorers who have been trespassing in the former mental health treatment centres.

A local police sergeant invited The Lincolnite to the abandoned buildings while a group of around seven teenagers were trying to get inside 12 Lindum Terrace.

Photo: Henry Shaw

When they spotted the police car they jumped over the wall and down into the Arboretum before the local sergeant managed to catch up with them.

“I get called to this place at least two times a week,” said sergeant Phillip Elliot. “We’ve got incidents going back years but it’s worse around school holidays.

“Normally we find groups of teenagers here, just like what happened today. I managed to stop them and have a word with them.”

The owner hired a handyman to secure the building and seal off all entrances, so anyone making their way inside would have to break in.

12 Lindum Terrace was a home for nurses in the 1980s before it became a rehab unit to bring people with long-term mental health issues back into the community.

Graffiti covers the walls. Photo: Henry Shaw

It was earmarked for renovation in 2018 but remains abandoned to this day.

The police have recently managed to speak with the owner, who said that she will now work with officers to bring any prosecutions forward.

“I make it clear to anyone that we catch that both of these buildings are very unsafe, we really don’t want anyone to get injured when they are here.

“My other point is about the impact that these teenagers are having on the owner of these properties. She is dealing with some personal issues right now.

“We want any parents reading this article to have a conversation with their children about the dangers of exploring these abandoned buildings.”

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