August 9, 2019 2.14 pm This story is over 25 months old

Yo! Sushi to move into Lincoln Tesco

A kiosk will open inside in Lincoln supermarket

Yo! Sushi has revealed its Lincoln plans, confirming the brand will move into the Tesco store on Wragby Road.

The supermarket’s Wragby Road branch will house a Yo! Sushi kiosk later this year.

It will serve a range of fresh, authentic Japanese street food.

Yo! Sushi, which has more than 100 Japanese street food and sushi dishes to try.

A recent advertisement for a Lincoln branch Retail Manager sparked excitement, but there was confusing over the location and form of the business.

Some listings stated the new venture would be on the Brayford waterfront and others listed Wragby Road.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re always keen to offer a wide range of the best services for our customers and look forward to the opening of a YO! Sushi in our store on Wragby Road in the coming months.”

A spokesperson for Yo! Sushi said: “We are delighted to open in Lincoln and partnering with Tesco, and look forward to introducing more people to sushi and fresh Japanese food.”

The first Yo! Sushi opened in London in 1997.

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