October 11, 2019 5.25 pm This story is over 53 months old

Lincolnshire businessman to launch converted plane hotel

Will has already converted a Lynx Helicopter

A ex-Royal Air Force Jetstream plane is being converted into accommodation with a dining/lounge area at the former RAF Wainfleet site.

As previously reported, director at Homestead Property Lets Ltd Will Roughton bought the site after the land was closed by the MoD and invested around £20,000 in an inventive project involving an iconic Lynx Helicopter. The Tower is located on Sea Lane in Friskney, Skegness.

After launching the family holiday accommodation inside the Lynx Helicopter, which fully opened in summer 2019, Will is now starting work on his next creation which will cost £25,000.

Photo: Will Roughton

Will told Lincolnshire Reporter that the plane arrived on Thursday afternoon and his team were assembling it until 10pm.

He said: “The idea came just because I’m a big kid and it fitted in with the rest of the tower complex.”

Photo: Will Roughton

The intention is to convert it over the winter and to have it ready to launch in time for Spring 2020.

The accommodation will aim to sleep four people with a dining/lounge area in the middle.

Reflecting on the how his last creation – the helicopter – is going so far, Will added: “It does seem to be going well hence the decision to go for the plane too.

Inside the converted helicopter accommodation. Photo: Will Roughton

“It appears to be popular with all ages which was a surprise as I thought I was the only big kid out there.”

For more information about other accommodation available at The Tower click here.

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