December 13, 2019 3.33 am This story is over 50 months old

Conservative John Hayes holds South Holland and Deepings seat

The results are in

The South Holland and the Deepings MP seat has been held by Conservative John Hayes.

The long-standing MP retook the seat with 37,338 votes – a majority of 30,838.

Turnout was 65% – a total of 49,381 votes.

Here’s how the vote panned out for each candidate:

  • Martin Blake, Green: 1,613
  • John Hayes, Conservative: 37,338 
  • Davina Kirby, Liberal Democrat: 3,225
  • Mark Popple, Labour: 6,500
  • Rick Stringer, Independent: 503

The number of registered voters for this year’s election was down by 646 people compared to 2017, with 75,728 people signed up.

In 2017, Conservative John Hayes took the majority with 35,179 ballot papers – 10.4% higher than their 2015 victory. Mr Hayes held the seat since it was created in 1997.

The last non-Conservative member for the main seat was Sir Herbert Butcher, who lost to the Conservatives in 1966.

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