January 13, 2020 9.54 am This story is over 20 months old

Nettleham burger diner closed five months after relocation

The concept has been passed back to the original owners

A burger diner which relocated to Nettleham last year has now closed.

As previously reported, Meat Inc. moved in at The Black Horse pub in Nettleham after the branch on Caenby Corner closed its doors for the final time in July and re-opened at its new location in August.

However, Meat Inc is now without a home.

Customers spotted that the premises has been closed since the New Year and Meat Inc. Nettleham recently announced via its Facebook page that “the current operators have ceased to trade from The Black Horse in Nettleham”.

The post continued: “The concept has therefore passed back to the original owners and Meat Inc is without a home.

“If any operators are interested in taking the brand forward please send a message via the Facebook page.”

The Facebook post received over 100 comments and some people suggested Meat Inc would be best relocating to Gainsborough.

When Meat Inc. Nettleham opened last summer it was revealed that it would create around seven new jobs – a mixture of part-time and full-time, but it has yet to be confirmed what will happen regarding staff.

At the time of writing, it is also not known what the future holds for The Black Horse.

Meat Inc also had a restaurant on The Strait in Lincoln, but it closed in June 2018, after just three months after opening.

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