April 17, 2020 10.45 am This story is over 43 months old

Emergency crews meet at Lincoln ‘rainbow house’ to clap for carers

Flashing lights and claps for our carers

Emergency workers including ambulance and firefighters congregated outside the Lincoln ‘rainbow house’ for Thursday night’s ‘clap for our carers’ appreciation.

The weekly round of applause for key workers has been a consistent showing of unity and solidarity, and even the staff in question have been joining in.

The Lincolnite previously reported on a ‘rainbow house’ which had been painted by a man on Bunkers Hill in Lincoln.

The house depicts a large rainbow across the front wall and is done to show appreciation to all frontline staff during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s understood the painting project is still ongoing and more will be added.

This video above was sent in to The Lincolnite showing the emergency vehicles flashing their lights and staff clapping outside the house.

The heartwarming moment brought workers together at a very prominent time.

Emergency service workers joining forces in front of the ‘rainbow house’ for the clap. Photo: Max Merritt

Lincoln Cathedral also turned blue as usual last night to honour key workers too.

NHS solidarity shown as Lincoln Cathedral lights up blue. Photo: John O’Keeffe

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