April 17, 2020 4.32 pm This story is over 43 months old

Lincolnshire supermarkets relax lockdown rationing rules

Purchasing restrictions lifted on some products

Lincolnshire Co-op and Co-op stores are among the supermarkets starting to relax restrictions on some products as people adjust to their shopping needs during the coronavirus lockdown.

Last month Co-op stores began rationing products as people stockpiled and left shop shelves bare over fears of coronavirus spreading. However, some restrictions have now been lifted after the lockdown period was extended by three weeks.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s restrictions on products has now been reduced to just two: eggs and hand sanitiser. The limits on these products is two items per customer.

Stores are managing the number of customers allowed in the outlet individually depending on what services each one has and its size.  Signage is in place to let customers know and a member of the team is monitoring the door. For example, the store on Boultham Park Road currently has a limit of no more than 10 customers allowed in store at any one time.

Most supermarkets also have floor graphics to help people stand two metres apart, as well as screens at the tills. Customers are asked to respect social distancing and take other measures, such as paying by card or via an app if possible.

Central England Co-op announced on Friday, April 17 that it has also relaxed the majority of restrictions on products in its stores, which were previously limited to a maximum of two per customer.

However, some items continue to be restricted for the time being: baby milk, hand wash, household cleaning products, tinned vegetables, fish and meat, pasta, flour, eggs.

Other supermarkets, including Tesco, have also amended its purchasing restrictions on some items, as well as relaxing opening hours and having one way aisles.

The contactless payments limit has also been raised from £30 to £45 to avoid cash usage and contamination.

Meanwhile, Aldi UK will sell groceries online for the very first time to help vulnerable people and those self-isolating.

The food parcels will be for home delivery and contain 22 products including tinned soup, rice and pasta, as well as antibacterial hand wash and a four-pack of toilet roll. The parcels are only available online here and will retail at £24.99 inclusive of delivery and will be limited to one per customer.