April 22, 2020 2.58 pm This story is over 43 months old

Police investigate Skegness lockdown house party

They will speak to the people who attended

Lincolnshire Police say they will be speaking to people who attended a Skegness house party in an apparent breach of lockdown rules.

Residents reacted angrily after a photograph of the gathering in Wainfleet Road was circulated on Facebook.

Some locals suggested the group should be fined for breaking the rules and putting unnecessary pressure on the NHS.

It is understood the party took place at around 12pm on Monday, April 20 on Wainfleet Road in Skegness.

A nearby resident said the party lasted for around five hours before the group moved inside.

A photo of the gathering, with 13 people posing next to each other, was posted on Facebook and caused uproar with those who were unhappy at them breaking the lockdown rules.

Some held up beer cans in the picture of the group, which has since been deleted.

Lincolnshire Police said officers would be speaking to those who attended the party.

Inspector Jacky Barnsley, of Lincolnshire Police’s Coast Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We are aware of the party on Wainfleet Road in Skegness. Our local officers will be speaking to those involved.

“Where we receive reports of gatherings or breaches in the guidance, we will attend where we can, the sooner the information is passed to us, the sooner we can act.

“We are finding the guidelines are being followed by the vast majority and we are all grateful for that.

“It’s so important people stay at home, only go out when it’s absolutely necessary and in line with the guidance. We’re all in it together, we need to stay home to protect the NHS and save lives.”

Meanwhile, police have issued more than 80 fines to people breaching coronavirus lockdown, bosses have confirmed.