May 6, 2020 10.58 am This story is over 49 months old

Lincoln tech firm makes smart vibrating wristband for post-lockdown social distancing

Social distancing technology to help businesses get back up and running

Lincoln tech company Tended is launching a smart wrist strap to help maintain social distancing for those working in construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and logistics.

The solution incorporates Tended’s current wearable safety wrist strap with an ultra-wideband proximity sensor, which can automatically notify workers if they come within a two metre (or other pre-set) distance of each other.

If staff breach a minimum separation distance, their wearable will vibrate to notify them to move away.

The aim is to accelerate the transition back to safe working across a range of industries as soon as lockdown is eased.

Tended’s distancing solution also provides employers with an overview of any social distance breaches within their organisation and how long employees have been in contact with others.

A useful feature is its ability to trace contact back. If a worker tests positive for COVID-19, employers can see who, if anyone, they have been in contact with and for how long, and send them an alert to self-isolate or get tested themselves.

The solution can track any distance breaches and their duration, with all this information available to the employer via a web app.

For privacy and security the solution can’t be used to track employee whereabouts, the company claims, unless in critical situations, such as the employee having an accident. Also, no personal details are included in distance breach data.

Leo Scott Smith, CEO of Tended (and one of The Lincolnite‘s 2019 30 Under 30), said: “We’re working with large corporations that have had to stop running and send their workers home because they can’t effectively enforce safe distancing measures.

“It costs them millions each day, and they are unable to carry out essential works.

Leo Scott Smith is the CEO of Tended, founded in Lincoln in 2017.

“We’ve implemented ultra-wideband technology because of its incredibly high accuracy and resistance to interference, and we decided to combine it with our wearable to provide a solution that can ensure the safety of employees at work.

“We believe technology will provide the means to get the world moving again, and also keep people safe. We’re looking at fast development and deployment because we know we need to act now.”

If someone in an organisation is diagnosed with COVID-19, they can update it within their app, which will immediately notify their employer and give them a record of anyone they have been in contact with.

Leo founded Tended after a personal experience in Nepal supporting with charity programmes during the 2015 earthquakes.

He witnessed a range of different safety challenges during his work there, leading him to view safety from a different perspective and create a solution to improve safety and potentially save lives.

Arup will provide independent support to companies seeking to trial Tended’s technology.