May 18, 2020 12.22 pm This story is over 42 months old

So cute! Rare albino squirrel enjoys Lincoln family’s garden

He appears to have poor eyesight though

Lockdown has seen plenty of wildlife roam free in Lincolnshire, but one particularly unique rodent has caught the eye more than most.

An albino squirrel has been spotted roaming around the back gardens of Wragby Road in Lincoln.

The photos were sent in by Mark Allen, a resident who first noticed the rare squirrel at the start of the year.

He appears to be the squirrel equivalent of Pinky and The Brain! Photo: Mark Allen

The white rodent is part of a whole family of squirrels that have been in the area recently, but is the only albino in its group.

Camouflage isn’t his strong point. Photo: Mark Allen

He doesn’t have a name as of yet, but we know it is a male and that Mark is looking after him and his family as if he were one of his own.

Mark said: “Sadly his eyesight is pretty poor, but we are doing our best to keep him and his siblings fed.

“It has been so lovely to have him in the garden, especially during these stressful times.”

You don’t get plates of food like this in the wild! Photo: Mark Allen

With concern about the lifespan of the animal, Mark has suggested trying to find a charity of wildlife park that would take it in and keep him safe.