July 2, 2020 11.19 am This story is over 24 months old

How a Lincoln barber shop will look when it reopens

Ready for a chop

Hairdressers have been readily preparing for the July 4 restart, and this barber in Lincoln is all set to get going again.

Castle Barbers, on the corner of the High Street and Princess Street in Lincoln, is reopening on Saturday, July 4.

Owner Azad Kaka told The Lincolnite that he will be open for walk-in haircuts on Saturday, meaning no pre-booked appointment will be necessary.

“If everything stays under control I will continue without appointments, but I am not too sure what to expect until we get started.”

Social distancing and hygiene measures have been implemented all around the salon in preparation.

Plastic screening has been fitted between chairs.

Plastic screens have been put up to separate customers sat in chairs, both in the waiting area and while getting their hair cut.

You’ll be kept 2m apart in the waiting area too.

Regular cleaning will be done to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19, allowing longer time between haircuts.

The calm before the storm, this chair won’t be empty for long!

All customers will be offered the choice to take and use personal protective equipment, provided by the owners, as they enter the shop.

There will be no additional charge from Castle Barber for giving out this PPE.

PPE will be provided for customers on arrival.

Staff will also be covered with PPE, including gloves, face masks and a face shield while doing appointments.

Castle Barber, by Princess Street, will be reopening on July 4.

Castle Barber will also be taking names and contact details of customers and keeping them on record for 21 days, in line with government policy for coronavirus test and trace.

Azad said he is “excited to be back” despite the various changes.

“We are happy of course, we’ve been at home for a long time, so it feels good to be coming back!”