July 1, 2020 3.09 pm This story is over 47 months old

Police clamp down on drink and drug driving for pub reopening day

Extra patrols will be on at key times

Lincolnshire Police will crack down on drink and drug driving as pubs prepare to reopen their doors this weekend for the first time since lockdown began in March.

Several pubs in Lincoln, and other industries including barbers and hairdressers, are getting ready to reopen on Saturday, July 4 and police will have additional resources working over the weekend.

Police said they will have extra patrols on at key times and will specifically be “seeking out anyone driving whilst unfit through alcohol or drugs”. Anyone found guilty of drink or drug driving could face a prison sentence, a ban from driving and a fine.

Lincolnshire Police and the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership are urging anyone heading out to make sure they have a plan to get home safely.

Inspector Marc Gee said: “Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs impairs your judgement and ability to drive safely.

“You will be endangering the lives of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians as well as your own. Aside from the greatly increased risk of causing a collision, being caught drink or drug driving has consequences including a criminal record and a heavy fine.

“We have extra patrols on at key times in response to the pubs reopening and we will specifically be seeking out anyone driving whilst unfit through alcohol or drugs.

“The reopening of pubs might feel like a new freedom to be celebrating, but that would be very short lived if you are arrested for causing death or serious injury by dangerous driving.”

Lincoln Centre Police is urging people to ‘take it easy’.

John Siddle, of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “Drivers may see the reopening of pubs this weekend as an opportunity to get back to some sort of normal, go out and enjoy the company of friends, celebrate being back in their local pub.

“We would ask anyone tempted to drive, knowing that they will drink too much to think again. We know you would rather not use public transport or get a taxi.

“What we would say is if you can’t drink less than the legal limit to drive or find a way to celebrate safely without putting yourself or others at risk on the road, then stay at home. One incident of drinking and driving may alter your life, or at worst case, may end someone’s life.”