October 22, 2020 10.56 am This story is over 37 months old

Call the paw-lice! Force welcomes new dog recruits

Four new furry PDs in Northern Lincolnshire

Four dogs that spent four months training in Northern Lincolnshire have joined the Humberside Police dog section.

All four will have experienced handlers and will operate as ‘general purpose’ dogs for the police after 13 weeks of training earlier in the year.

Quinta, Roos, Turbo and Chevy will be used for searching and tracking down suspects or missing people, as well as disarming people carrying weapons, locating objects and crowd control.

Quinta, an almost 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, will join the force with handler PC Mike Tune, who was full of praise for his pup.

Quinta, 3, is a “great partner” according to her handler. | Photo: Humberside Police

“When I suffered an injury to a tendon in my knee earlier this year which disrupted our training, Quinta is what got me through it because of the strong bond we’d built and my determination to get back to work to start going on jobs together.

“She’s an athletic, energetic dog with a high drive which makes her perfect for working in the police force, and a great partner.”

As for PC Kirk Pickering, he is now working his dream job in the dog section with Roos, the 18-month-old Belgian Malinois.

Roos, 18-months-old, is extremely fast, her handler said: “You can try and outrun her, but you won’t.” | Photo: Humberside Police

He said: “Having grown up with dogs, I always knew that I wanted to join the police’s dog section.

“I’ve been very lucky that a position came up fairly early on in my career so that I can continue to serve our communities and respond to incidents, but now with the help of Roos.

“But I’d say she’s more of a cross between a kangaroo and alligator with her vibrant, bouncy personality! She has fitted really well into the team and my home life too.”

The third addition is Turbo, an 18-month-old Belgian Malinois-German Shepherd cross, along with his handler PC Rob James, who has 15 years experience at Humberside Police.

Turbo has already been busy, attending firearm jobs in his first month. | Photo: Humberside Police

Rob said: “Turbo and I already have a great relationship. We’re still learning each other but he’s really hard-working, affectionate and knows when it’s time to get serious at work.

“We’ve been working on live incidents for around a month now and have already got to attend firearms jobs, public disorders and track suspects carrying weapons.”

Last but certainly not least is Chevy, another Belgian Malinois who is the youngest of the group at just 16-months-old.

Chevy is full of energy, being the youngest of the group. | Photo: Humberside Police

PC Andy Reid has got his wish to serve in the dog section and is delighted to be partnered with Chevy.

“It’s really exciting getting to finally attend jobs with Chevy. It’s all new for her, so seeing her positively locate people or property makes me really proud.

“Joining the dog section is a big commitment, but one that is really fulfilling. We train the dogs every single day, which means I get to form a really great bond with Chevy in and outside of work. Seeing her take the training we do on board for live jobs is a brilliant feeling.”