October 26, 2020 1.04 pm This story is over 37 months old

Self-isolating Lincoln students make a mark

One more week to go

Students living together in a flat in Lincoln have been letting people know they’re self-isolating with quirky post-it note signs in their windows.

Flat 131 at the Junxion on Brayford Wharf East in Lincoln is the home of six students in their first year at university in the city.

After someone in the flat was in contact with a person who tested positive, everyone went into a two-week isolation period, which clearly inspired a bit of creativity.

They’re keeping track of how long they’ve been self isolation. | Photo: The Lincolnite

“We took light of the difficult situation we are in and thought it would be quite funny,” said Meredith Laws, a product design student living in the flat.

Meredith told The Lincolnite that they can’t wait to get back outside again once isolation is over, but will have to celebrate Halloween indoors.

“We hadn’t got any plans for Halloween however it will be James’ (flatmate) 20th birthday on the day so we are going to celebrate that instead within our flat walls.

“After isolation I think a night on the town is well needed and deserved, as it’s hard seeing the outside but being so very far away.

“We have been following the guidelines completely and are really looking forward to being ‘COVID N-TIVE’ and going outside again!”

Lectures and seminars haven’t changed much as a result of the isolation, as many of them are online for the academic year anyway, but Meredith said there were still difficulties.

“Face to face sessions are obviously more difficult as we can’t be there, but the lecturers are helping and catching us up in (Microsoft) Teams meetings afterwards.

“Without having the face to face sessions we can’t meet and discuss our courses and notes with our fellow course mates.”

All members of flat 131 have used the University of Lincoln’s care box scheme, which has delivered over 300 food boxes to self-isolating students free of charge.