November 24, 2020 2.46 pm This story is over 42 months old

Wikipedia notes endearing nicknames for Lincoln Cathedral and Castle

Wikipedia settles the debate

By Local Democracy Reporter

Lincoln Cathedral and Castle have been the centre of a nickname frenzy in recent weeks, and Wikipedia has now recognised these alternative names for the city’s landmarks.

Despite many people saying they regularly call Lincoln Cathedral Cathy, when The Lincolnite used the adorable term on Facebook, the nickname has proved controversial with some.

Now, after weeks of speculation about the legitimacy of the Cathy and Cassie nicknames, both now appear at the top of the landmarks’ Wikipedia pages — the most popular encyclopedia on the globe.

The changes appear to have been submitted at the beginning of November and were approved by Wikipedia editors after several upvotes from other users.

Lincoln Cathedral’s Wikipedia front page now reads: “Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Minster, or the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln and sometimes St Mary’s Cathedral, or Cathy in Lincoln, England, is the seat of the Anglican Bishop of Lincoln.”

Even Wikipedia is getting in the habit of calling it Cathy!

Lincoln Castle’s page now says: “Lincoln Castle, or Cassie, is a major Norman castle constructed in Lincoln, England, during the late 11th century by William the Conqueror on the site of a pre-existing Roman fortress.”

The Wikipedia entry for Lincoln Castle.

What do you think? Do you call the cathedral Cathy or do you find it strange?