December 4, 2020 5.34 pm This story is over 41 months old

Lincoln doctor suspended after turning up drunk at work

She ended up in A&E

A breast radiologist at Lincoln County Hospital has been suspended for nine months after turning up for work having drunk a whole bottle of vodka and ending up at A&E.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal was held between November 12 to 20 to look into allegations that Dr Sarka Bakalarova attended work at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust whilst under the influence of alcohol, which was determined and proved.

She was so intoxicated colleagues realised she “had no idea where she was”.

Dr Bakalarova qualified in 1988 and practiced in Czech Republic as a radiologist from 1989 until 2017. At the time of the alleged events she was working as a locum at ULHT, but after the tribunal the trust said she “will not be coming back”.

Initial concerns were raised with the General Medical Council on November 18, 2018 by the medical director of the trust.

The tribunal received evidence on behalf of the GMC from Mr D, Radiology Operational Manager at ULHT, as well as witness statements from Mr C, General Manager, Clinical Lead and Professional Lead for Diagnostics, and Mr E, Consultant Mammographer.

Mr D’s written account stated: “In my view it was clear that Dr Bakalarova was under the influence at this point. I can’t remember the exact figure of the blood alcohol level, but I know it was very significant, maybe 10 or 11 times the legal limit.

“She was slurring some words quite badly, she had poor balance and she kept repeating things.”

In another witness statement it states that on the journey to A&E she became extremely agitated and repeatedly tried to get off the trolley and refused to let go of a consultant’s arm.

When in A&E she carried on in an agitated and aggressive manner. Occasionally she would fall asleep then awake very confused and agitated again.

The report states that Dr Bakalarova also provided her own witness statement dated October 29, 2020.

A spokesperson for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: “Dr Sarka Bakalarova was working at the trust as a locum radiologist in November 2018. She has not worked at the trust since this incident and will not be coming back.”