December 24, 2020 9.44 am This story is over 41 months old

Meet Sperm Donna: Lincoln’s new drag queen phenomenon

Lincolnshire’s very own ‘Quaranqueen’

By Local Democracy Reporter

A young man from Lincoln is pursuing his lockdown passion to become a drag queen, and his ‘Quaranqueen’ move has already seen its fair share of difficulty and success.

Euan MacDonald, 23, says he has always been interested in the concept of drag, and took it upon himself to birth his own drag persona during lockdown.

He was born in Lincoln and currently lives here, but left to study Fine Art at Lancaster University in between, something which he says means “I’m now not only a drag queen, but a drag queen with a degree that nobody cares about!”

On April 26, ‘Sperm Donna’ was born, and Euan spoke to The Lincolnite about the challenges of being a drag queen at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic.

Euan likes to channel different characters with his outfits.

“My journey began in the first UK coronavirus lockdown, due to my immense boredom and having always been fascinated by drag, dabbling in makeup and costume creation at university,” he said.

“I decided to put on a size 8 pump and step out into the world. Well, my driveway, as lockdown rules were still in place.”

Sperm Donna has a gaga air about her.

Euan’s first hurdle was to overcome the lack of face-to-face interaction during lockdown, meaning he had to participate from behind a screen.

He gets help from his little sister Isabella who takes his photos, and his mother who is also Sperm Donna’s wardrobe assistant.

Euan said: “Having started drag during that time period, I was able to spend a lot of time working on my persona, improving my makeup skills and creating costumes, which I was able to showcase on social media.

Striking a pose with Cathy.

“A lot of virtual drag competitions popped up all over the internet, and I decided to partake in one, ‘The Rose Ball’, hosted by Pennsylvanian Drag Queen ‘Lola Rose’.

“After competing in virtual challenges and runways for 8 weeks, I ended up winning the competition, despite only doing drag for a short amount of time.

Sperm Donna has a scary persona too.

“There are Drag Kings, Trans Drag Queens, AFAB Queens (cis women who do drag), Cis Heterosexual Drag Queens/Kings, Club Kids and much, much more.

“It is an art form unlike any other, and is undefinable as it is so immense, yet personal, and can only defined by each individual.

“Anything you do can be considered drag, whether that be wearing makeup, putting on a wig, showing the world your clothes, or trying on your mum’s dresses when you’re seven years old.

“Drag is whatever you want it to be, and is for everyone.”

Another iconic look for Sperm Donna

When asked about what the future holds, Euan said he hopes to continue expressing himself with his passion.

“I started my drag journey because I needed something to keep me sane and happy, and drag does that for me, so I can only hope to continue to enjoy what I do and be proud of myself for it.

“Stepping in to 2021, whether you are a drag queen, a yellowbelly, a member of planet Earth or whatever else, we must begin and continue to move forward in solidarity, and uplift those that need it.

“From a lowly drag queen to whoever is reading this, I hope 2021 is a year you can be proud of.

“God only knows when COVID-19 will end and I can finally perform, so keep an eye out for me in 2D, because before you know it, the world will be mine.”

To follow Euan’s journey, go to his Sperm Donna Instagram page.