January 18, 2021 3.49 pm This story is over 34 months old

COVID fines for six urban explorers at abandoned hospital

Police boss called them ‘Covidiots’

A group of urban explorers who travelled from three different counties to look around derelict buildings were caught and fined in Grantham for breaching lockdown rules.

The group, which consisted of six people from three different counties across the country, travelled to Grantham on Saturday, January 16 to look around an abandoned hospital on Manthorpe Road.

Police were made aware of the group trying to gain access to the derelict building at around 11pm over the weekend.

All six people were caught by Lincolnshire Police and issued with £200 fines for breaking lockdown guidelines.

All were first time offenders, hence the £200 fine, but it will be reduced to £100 if the fine is paid within 14 days.

Sgt Dan McCormack of the Lincolnshire force put out a tweet on Sunday saying it’s “not on” and “not essential”.

Kerrin Wilson, assistant chief constable at Lincolnshire Police, called the group “COVIDIOTS” in a tweet and slammed their antics.

She said: “These people are dangerous, they are putting people’s lives at risk.

“Lincolnshire Police will continue to do all we can to tackle this and support the public health ethos.

But it is also my colleagues who are at risk because of these behaviours!”