February 15, 2021 1.34 pm This story is over 17 months old

Lincoln MP demands lockdown to end by May

Along with 62 other Tory MPs

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney is one of 63 MPs to demand that lockdown restrictions are ended by May due to “harms that have been perpetrated”.

Mr McCartney is the only Lincolnshire MP along with 62 other Conservative MPs to sign a letter in the COVID Recovery Group (CRG) which outlines a list of demands that include an end to the current lockdown and no more after.

The Conservative MP group is led by by former chief whip Mark Harper and former minister Steve Baker who want all schools opened by March 8 as well as pubs, restaurants and cafes to be open for the Easter holidays.

Karl McCartney MP said: “My reasoning for voting for or against certain policies have been made, we are where we are. Now a political judgement has to be made that realises harms that have been perpetrated and sets our nation on a road to recovery that is as short as possible.”

Boris Johnson’s MPs warned him that he cannot continue to “move the goalposts” with regards to a lockdown end.

The MPs said: “Once all nine priority groups have been protected by the end of April, there is no justification for any legislative restrictions to remain.”

They added: “The vaccine gives us immunity from COVID but it must also give us permanent immunity from COVID-related lockdowns and restrictions.”