February 10, 2021 1.33 pm This story is over 16 months old

Live-streamed parrot hatching at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park draws in millions

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Almost a million people, including some famous faces, tuned in to watch the live hatching of a parrot at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park.

The chick took almost 48 hours to hatch, prompting the Skegness based wildlife park to go live on Facebook for its followers in the hope to capture the moment on camera.

Eventually, after nine livestreams, totalling over 18 hours of recorded footage, the chick managed to get out of its egg for good.

The egg started looking ready to hatch on Monday morning. | Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The Eclectus Parrot was born on Tuesday evening, but we will not know its gender for three or four weeks, according to park CEO Steve Nichols.

By Tuesday morning , the chick was really close to breaking out of the egg. | Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Almost 950,000 people have viewed the final hatching livestream in just 17 hours, at the time of reporting, with well over a million views on some of the other streams.

On Tuesday evening, at long last, it arrived. | Photo: Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

The two-day long saga captured the attention of hundreds of thousands of people all across the world, including famous fashion consultant and television presenter Gok Wan.

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park attracted plenty of attention, even from the world of celebrity.

It isn’t the first time Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has gone viral for parrot-based content, as five sweary birds from the park were caught “f’ing and blinding” back in September.