April 20, 2021 4.13 pm This story is over 14 months old

Guy Martin hopes to break 300mph land speed record on a motorbike

Lincolnshire businesses are backing him

Lincolnshire daredevil and TV star Guy Martin hopes to break the 300mph land speed record on a motorbike.

This won’t be the first time he has attempted this record, as he missed out on the feat on his show Speed with Guy Martin, where he managed to achieve 274.2mph.

German car makers Bugatti reached a speed of 304mph in August 2019, but Guy, who was born in Grimsby, wants to be the first to do it on a motorbike.

He thanked a list of companies including B&B Motorcycles Lincoln in a social media post about the ‘300mph job’ on his official fan page, which he endorses.

He also praised the UK airfields that have allowed testing, as well as John Mcavoy and Simon Lee for documenting the build and runs so far.

Guy said: “2021 promises to be a year of answers to changes made and plenty of questions off the back of that, for the 300mph job.

“Ta very much to the following folk who have had a hand in the development of the tool.”

Guy also previously attempted to break the land speed record on a Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner at Bonneville Speedway in Utah.

In June 2019, Guy was behind the wheel as JCB set a new British speed record for tractors. The high-speed Fastrac tractor set a new speed record after notching up 103.6mph at Elvington Airfield near York.

Guy Martin helped JCB set a new British speed record for tractors. | Photo: JCB

Back in 2016, Guy said his attempt on Brayford Pool in Lincoln to break the world speed record on water by a human was a disappointment and “a waste of time”. Due to weeds in Brayford Pool his attempt barely reached 3mph.

Bike enthusiast and TV presenter Guy Martin during his world record attempt on the Brayford in Lincoln. | Photo: Tobias Thompson

On Sunday, April 25 the final part of his latest show ‘Guy Martin’s Battle of Britain’ will air on Channel 4.

Part two will see Guy’s training ramp up at the UK’s only aerial combat school, where he must master dogfighting at 200mph, handling extreme g-force, and flying upside down.

Guy also holds the following Guinness World Records:

Before he moved into TV work, Guy was a professional motorbike racer and managed a total of 17 podium finishes.