May 24, 2021 4.14 pm This story is over 14 months old

Paedophile back in jail after assaulting two children and drugging another

He didn’t tell the mother about being a sex offender

A registered sex offender has returned back to prison for six years after failing to comply with release requirements when he sexually assaulted two children.

Benjamin Johnson, 34 and from Scunthorpe, went to extensive measures to conceal a year-long relationship with a woman who had three children, who he had overnight stays with right up until his arrest in April 2020.

He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two children at Grimsby Crown Court on Monday and was sentenced to six years back in jail.

A sexual harm prevention order, restraining order and life on the sex offenders register were also part of his sentencing conditions.

The court heard that Johnson had kept his background secret from the mother, as he sexually assaulted two of her children and gave drugs to the other child.

He was arrested in April 2020 and kept on remand right up until his sentencing, ensuring that he wasn’t able to commit any further offences.

A dedicated team of officers built a case against him that was so strong it forced Johnson to plead guilty to all his charges.

Detective sergeant Hayley Broddle said: “The bravery of these children has been incredible, and I want to applaud them for their courage in reporting what had been happening to them. That is not an easy thing to do, and I hope that they realise just how strong they are.

“As with any investigation into sexual offending against children, we take reports extremely seriously and tackle them with the upmost sensitivity.

“We understand how distressing this can be and that offenders can make it scary to come forward and tell someone, especially the police.

“We have a dedicated team aimed at protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, including taking action against those intent on causing harm.

“I would like to thank the team who worked together to bring Mr. Johnson in front of the court.

“Now that he is in prison once again, he can no longer pose a threat to our communities, and I hope it allows the family to feel some sort of closure.”