June 8, 2021 10.56 am This story is over 13 months old

“Off your bike”: Lincolnshire PCC’s cyclists Twitter rant

He flew off the handle

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones has hit out at cyclists in Lincoln who “ride erratically, shouting abuse at pedestrians” during a Twitter rant.

He said it “would be great for people to walk safely through the pedestrian part of Lincoln without fear of being knocked into or over by people on bikes or the abuse from them when challenged”.

Mr Jones also called for a “concerted effort to prevent this with better signage and bike resistant barriers”.

A Twitter user named Jon responded, claiming that in the centre of Lincoln there had been two slight injuries to pedestrians caused by cyclists in the last 22 years, compared to a higher quantity and more serious injuries by other vehicles.

Mr Jones told him he was “totally missing the point”, adding: “Why very sensible, considerate cyclists (which I suspect you are) would choose to defend the anti-social people who ride erratically, shouting abuse at pedestrians in a pedestrian area is beyond me. I’m a fan of the bike, it’s not a polarised debate.”

Richard Parker was on the side of cyclists and said: “Cycled along the Lincoln east west link at 7.30pm on Saturday towards the university. Full of young men in small powerful cars.

“One driver I saw nearly collided with a stationary car at the lights with the High Street. Noticeable absence of visual policing. Suggest they are a bigger risk.

“I was in genuine fear on Saturday when I got to those lights on the High Street as a vulnerable road user. Happens all the time close passing, aggressive behaviour towards cyclists. To a cyclist it is catastrophic being hit by several tonnes of metal at speed.”

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones. | Photo: Daniel Jaines

Mr Jones said in response that he welcomes the Chief Constable Chris Haward creating a new roads unit this year.

He said: “Safety isn’t an either or. I agree with you re visible roads policing which is why I welcome the Chief creating a new roads unit this year.

“Doesn’t mean older residents should be in fear of being knocked down when shopping in the pedestrian areas of our towns and city.

“And it’s never accepted. If you wear body cam you can send in your footage to Lincolnshire Police here.”

However, Twitter user, @jkhlincoln, appeared to agree with Mr Jones saying: “I hate to say it, but the Deliveroo riders (and similar) are the worst.”

Andy Buckley-Taylor added: “Totally agree! Today Just Eat and deliveroo cyclists going through shoppers.”

This is not the first rant at other vehicles from Lincolnshire’s PCC after he called lorry drivers “total twonks” and “selfish HGVSs crossing two lanes” on the A46 around Lincoln.