June 22, 2021 9.27 am This story is over 13 months old

Surgery saves pesky puppy who ate owner’s sewing kit

Oscar made a good recovery

A seven-month-old puppy required surgery in Lincoln and was left with a six-inch scar after swallowing his owner’s sewing kit.

Emma Stainton, from Gainsborough, was mending her son’s joggers when she was interrupted by a caller at the door. While her back was turned her springer spaniel Oscar swallowed the needle and thread.

The 48-year-old council worker feared that it may perforate vital organs so called Vets Now and was advised to take her pet to the Lincoln practice on May 20 this year, where he was prepped for surgery. Vets Now in Lincoln is one of a nationwide chain of more than 60 hospitals and clinics open seven days a week for out-of-hours pet emergencies.

The needle was visible on the x-ray. | Photo: Vets Now

The operation was a success and after a few days Oscar was back to his old self.

Senior vet nurse Emma Ward said: “We sedated Oscar just enough for us to be able to do an X-ray on him. The needle showed up right away and, luckily for Oscar, it had gone into the stomach.

“We had to operate right away before it had the chance to perforate any other organs in the abdomen.”

Oscar has made a good recovery. | Photo: Vets Now

Oscar’s owner Emma Stainton said that after contacting their insurance company and asking for a vet’s advice, it was decided to take the canine in to be checked straight away.

She said: “I threaded the needle into the trousers and thought I’d moved them safely out of the way.

“When I went back, it was gone. My son and I had a good old hunt for it. Because Oscar wasn’t anywhere near and was playing around looking perfectly fine, we didn’t think it could be anything to do with him.

“He even had his dinner and water without seeming ill. But after searching everywhere for ages — it really was like looking for a needle in a haystack — we started to worry that he had somehow got hold of it.”

She added: “Thankfully, we were able to pick Oscar up in the morning and after a couple of days of being a bit lethargic, he was back to his old self despite the six-inch scar.

“It was quite remarkable to see the X-ray and we even got the needle back – still with the thread attached!

“It was just so good to have Vets Now on hand when we needed them and couldn’t wait until our own vets opened the following morning.”