August 23, 2021 11.22 am This story is over 33 months old

“Big cat” spotted in rural Lincolnshire village

Not the first time a sighting has been reported

By Local Democracy Reporter

A big cat reported as “a black panther” has been spotted by a local resident in a small countryside village in Lincolnshire this weekend.

The animal was spotted by Jack Dillon in the village of Brandon, near Grantham, over the weekend while at his grandparents’ house.

It can be seen roaming around in a nearby field, and footage appears to show it much larger than a regular domestic cat.

Jack told The Lincolnite that his grandad previously had a similar sighting while driving near Grantham train station, as well as seeing paw prints in the surrounding countryside.

Jack said: “There used to be a circus nearby which kept animals like this, but had to get rid of them in some shape or form when the Dangerous Wild Animals Act was introduced. They could have been released into the wild.”

While there is no confirmation as to where the animal came from or even what it is, the “big cat” has certainly raised a few eyebrows in this Lincolnshire village.

— If you had further sightings you can email [email protected]