August 20, 2021 10.03 am This story is over 27 months old

F.R.I.E.N.D-ly Lincolnshire kittens need new homes

Joey, Ross, Chandler and Rachel need new Friends

‘I’ll be there for Mew’ is what four Lincolnshire kittens named after Friends characters need to hear as they seek new homes.

Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel and Monica were brought to RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln when they were only a few weeks old. And in the word’s of Janice, “Oh My God” they are adorable!

They didn’t have the best start in life and were found covered in fleas, but four of them are now ready to find their purr-fect new homes.

Joey, Ross, Chandler and Rachel are all looking for their forever homes. | Photo: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln

Monica was the biggest of the kittens and a natural leader and was the first of the five to find a new home. She should be moving in later this week.

Poor Joey was the smallest of the group and had a rocky couple of weeks where he wasn’t well at all and not keen on taking food. However, with lots and love and care from Eileen (the lady looking after the kittens), he is now starting to thrive.

Ross was a very skittish kitten and would hide away all the time, but with regular cuddles he is becoming quite the affectionate young lad.

Ross and Joey are looking for a new home together. | Photo: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln

When the pair were separated from the rest of the gang they started to thrive and Joey and Ross are now inseparable. They are a bonded pair and will be rehomed together.

Chandler and Rachel are looking to be rehomed together too. Chandler was also skittish and hid away a lot when he first arrived but, after more dedicated attention when they kittens were split into smaller groups, he is now thriving with Rachel.

Rachel is described as the friendliest kitten in the group and has stayed that way since arriving.

Rachel and Chandler are a bonded pair of domestic shorthair kittens looking for a home together. | Photo: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln

Monica (pictured) is moving into her new home soon, but the other four kittens still need new owners. | Photo: RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln

A spokesperson for RSPCA Lincolnshire Mid & Lincoln said: “We are now looking for homes for these very F.R.I.E.N.D-ly kittens! If you are interested in rehoming a kitten or two from us please check out our website for more information and directions on how to apply.”

Anyone who is able to offer these best friends a forever home should fill out a Perfect Match Form and email to [email protected].