September 9, 2021 11.02 am This story is over 32 months old

Desperate Lincoln man films squalid room where bullets rain on family trapped in Kabul

Living in fear, moving from home to home

“Boris Johnson, get us out of here”, cries a pained Lincoln taxi driver in a video sent to The Lincolnite from Afghanistan. The family, who are hopping from home to home, living on bread and dealing with extreme heat and sickness, say they ‘can’t deal with the pain anymore.’

The 35-year-old father, who is being kept anonymous for safety reasons, sent a harrowing video to The Lincolnite on Wednesday evening. It shows his family on the floor of a small shelter in Kabul, three of whom are sick, with no medicine to help them and only bread and water to eat and drink.

The British citizen, who travelled to Kabul from Lincoln to rescue his family, also holds up a bullet in the video which was shot through their window while they were sleeping.

The family are living in fear in cramped conditions in Kabul.

There is a bucket of water next to an old desk, which is used to clean the kids’ clothes before they put them back on. The family are cramped inside the small shelter with their belongings, not knowing what the future holds for them at a very scary time.

The former Lincoln taxi driver said: “Kabul is so hot, we don’t have anywhere to live. We found a small shelter, and on Friday or Saturday a small bullet went through the window.

“It went straight through the window where we were sleeping. We were so lucky it didn’t hit us.

“We have to move house to house until we get out of this country. Boris Johnson, I am begging you with all my heart please get us out of here.

“I can’t go through this pain anymore, I’m absolutely exhausted. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, it’s an absolute nightmare here.

“I know the Taliban are going house to house. I heard them and any youngsters they see they are taking away, I don’t know where they are taking them.”

He ended the video by thanking The Lincolnite for sharing his story.

The terrified father has previously seen women and children being shot and wants to get back to the UK. He had been going to Kabul airport with his family every day and night since August 25.

He sent a video showing crowds of people in the street trying to get away and said “we have no idea where to go”.

The Lincolnite contacted Lincoln’s MP Karl McCartney who said he is “actively involved the case”. He added that he is “supporting The Lincolnite’s efforts to return him home”.

The government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office were also contacted.

An FCDO Spokesperson said: “The UK and international partners are all committed to ensuring that our citizens, nationals and residents, employees, Afghans who have worked with us and those who are at risk can continue to travel freely to destinations outside Afghanistan.

“We have been clear that the Taliban must allow safe passage for those who want to leave.”