September 29, 2021 5.31 pm This story is over 30 months old

Lincoln man ‘Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home’ on E4

Racing in the buff to win money for charity

A Lincoln man will race naked across the country in a team with another stranger in a new ‘outdoor adventure competition with a twist’ airing on E4 next week.

Ryan Blake, 23, will feature in the first episode of ‘Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home’ at 9pm on Wednesday, October 6. The show sees two pairs of strangers stripped of all their clothes and possessions and race in the buff across the countryside to win a cash prize for charity.

Ryan, who has two part-time jobs in the city, first applied to be on the show via an online ad. He was paid a small amount to be on the show, but said it was more about the experience for him, which changed his perspective on life.

Ryan Blake relaxing whilst on holiday in Magaluf.

He told The Lincolnite: “On the show I was very motivated and driven, and almost obsessed, to try and win the race.

“After the show I realised that I should really just enjoy and appreciate everything I do and enjoy life. I used to be so orientated on the end goal that I didn’t appreciate the journey along the way and this show has changed my perspective. I should have goals, but appreciate the journeys to those goals too.

“A lot of friends, family and colleagues have said they are excited to watch it. I’m excited too and the closer it gets the more the reality of what I’ve done is sinking in.”

Ryan has ambitions to appear on television again in the future.

He said the show has “given me the buzz for being on television” and more “positive energy”, adding that there is potential in the future that he will apply to appear in Channel 4’s Hunted.

Naked, Alone and Racing To Get Home is a test of strength, resilience and resourcefulness to survive the country’s most extreme environments with contestant having nothing but their wits.

Ryan, pictured on holiday in Magaluf, enjoyed his experience on the E4. challenge show.

As they move towards the finish line in a busy town centre they have to improvise cover for their modesty in order not to alarm the locals.

The show is produced by Avalon and exec produced by Jay Taylor and Jamie Isaacs.