October 29, 2021 5.21 pm

Anti-vaxxers protest again at Lincoln roundabout

They are very determined, but signs still mainly misinformation

Several anti-vaxxers staged a protest on the Riseholme roundabout in Lincoln on Friday afternoon, with misinformation placards pleading “please don’t jab kids” and claiming “media masking the truth”.

Two of them are the pair of anti-vaxxers from the same location last Friday, who were armed with conspiracy theory signs suggesting that England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has an “evil agenda”.

They didn’t like The Lincolnite’s coverage of factual information about vaccines and their actions either, so they also brought a placard claiming “Lincolnite tells lies” — which is simply not true.

As well as digs at the media and trying to tell people not to get their children vaccinated, the protesters also held up signs saying “honk for freedom” and “99.8% survive COVID”.

Their location is on the route to the Lincolnshire Showground, one of the two mass vaccination centres in the county.

The anti-vaxxers claim “99.8% survive COVID”. | Photo: The Lincolnite

When asked by a Lincolnite reporter what their purpose of being there was, one of the protestors said: “The boards are self explanatory.

“Just get your facts right. JCVI are the regulatory body, a group of scientists, and they said on the whole it’s not suitable for children and then Whitty went against that.”

The protestors were trying to make sure their points of view were seen by the Lincoln traffic. | Photo: The Lincolnite

This comes as 74,000 booster shots have been given to eligible people in Lincolnshire.

The county’s NHS is offering children aged 12-15 the opportunity to get their COVID vaccination at a series of ‘pop-up’ sessions at the county’s two mass vaccination centres during half-term. Around 30% of that age range have been vaccinated so far.

Overall, 86% of those eligible in Lincolnshire have been double-jabbed.

One placard said “Please don’t jab kids”. | Photo: The Lincolnite

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