November 25, 2021 8.48 am This story is over 24 months old

Heartbreak as drowning rescue dog Bella dies

Rest in peace Bella

A dog that was saved from a deliberate drowning attempt in the River Trent last year has sadly been put down due to long-term health conditions.

Bella, an 11-year-old Germany Shepherd, was rescued from the River Trent near Long Lane, Farndon, after she was tied to a rock and dumped in the water by previous owner Charlene Latham in early January 2020.

Two dog walkers, Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy, saw her and managed to free Bella.

Her lead was attached to a carrier bag tied to a large rock under the water.

Owner Latham was arrested by police. She appeared in court in March this year where she was given a 12-month community order and disqualified from keeping dogs for three years.

Jane Harpur rescuing Bella. | Photo: RSPCA

Jane managed to get Bella onto the river bank. | Photo: RSPCA

Bella’s rescuers Jane Harper and Joanne Bellamy. | Photo: RSPCA

Bella and animal care assistant Sophie Major. | Photo: RSPCA

Bella spent 15 months recovering in the care of Radcliffe Animal Centre near Nottingham, and finally found her forever home in April, completely transforming her life thanks to retired couple Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas in South Derbyshire.

After her tragic passing, Radcliffe Animal Centre said in a post on social media on Wednesday, November 24 that they had been “truly blessed in caring for her and proud to have been part of her story”.

Bella enjoying a relaxing Christmas in 2020. | Photo: RSPCA

Bella the dog with her last owners Maggie Mellish and Charlie Douglas. | Photo: RSPCA

Maggie Mellish was over the moon with Bella by her side. | Photo: RSPCA

They said: “It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the sad news of Bella’s passing.

“Our beautiful and courageous friend was peaceful at home with her owners.

“We have been truly blessed in caring for her and proud to have been part of her story.

“We will be ever thankful to her owners Maggie and Charlie for welcoming her into their home our amazing team dedicated to her recovery and of course to Jane and Joanne her heroic rescuers.

“We will remember Bella as happy in her new home surrounded by love, kindness and respect. That is all we ever wanted for her and we are comforted that this is where she found peace and was finally able to let go.

“Love to you always Bella, you will never be forgotten.”