November 8, 2021 1.40 pm

Major plans on Horizon for RAF Scampton after Red Arrows move

Including vintage trams and cinema

Major plans for RAF Scampton including a massive edifice to the Red Arrows, a 550 acre commemorative park for the RAF and Dambusters and a 65-acre filming and gaming studio could be on the horizon.

The Horizon Park venture website outlines what developers want to create on the 8-900 acre site once it goes to tender by the Ministry of Defence.

The site shows how the potential buyers want to commemorate the site’s history, but also redevelop parts of it and provide “new and sustainable economic growth”.

As well as the Horizon Park centre-piece – which will include cinemas and vintage trams – there are also initial plans for:

  • 110 acres of residential villages designed around the community
  • A 17 acre Academy of Excellence focusing on sustainable intensification of arable and grazing-livestock
  • A 38-acre business centre
  • A 16 acre centre for professionals and enthusiasts to restore aircraft and land vehicles
  • And a 65-acre “Arrow Studios” – a facility combining gaming and film techniques with a state of the art studio space

Those behind the plans are keen to point out that not everything is set in stone and that there is a long way to go before the land is even bought, never mind planning applications going in.

However, they said the plans were “very exciting and ambitious proposals”.

“At present we are engaged with a number of public and private sector organisations in order to formulate our plans and strategies and to explore where we have synergy with other interested parties,” said a spokesman.

An artist’s impression from the Horizon Park website. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

“We are in the process of gaining feedback from those organisations we have been talking to and assessing any expressions of interest in partnerships or co-operative working arrangements.”

They said a comprehensive consultation process would take place with “various interested local audiences” when the plan was “much further developed”.

The MoD announced in 2018 that RAF Scampton – the home of the Red Arrows – would be closed as part of cost-saving measures.

There will be a particular focus on the history of the site according to the website. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

The famous Reds will remain in Lincolnshire but will move to RAF Waddington instead.

It was later confirmed the site would go up for sale by the end of 2022.

During the Second World War, RAF Scampton was home to 617 Squadron which famously took part in the Dambusters raids in 1943.

Campaigners have previously called for the site to be turned into a heritage centre.

More images from the website showing some of the potential proposals. | Image: Horizon Park Website/

| Image: Horizon Park Website/

| Image: Horizon Park Website/

| Image: Horizon Park Website/

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