November 1, 2021 12.27 pm This story is over 23 months old

Meet the residents on the lowest COVID jabbed street in Lincolnshire

What’s stopping people from getting the Covid jab on Grimsby’s least vaccinated street?

An elderly couple who have had Covid once and don’t want it again are among the Grimsby residents reluctant to get the jab.

David Sanderson on Freeman Street, one of Grimsby’s least Covid vaccinated areas. | Photo: Jamie Waller

They aren’t alone in the East Marsh, where barely half of people have had both doses of the vaccine.

Confusion about who should get it and misinformation are some of the things which are putting off local people from booking their jabs.

Currently only 64% of adults in the area have one dose, and just 56% have had both.

However, others are passionate about the importance of vaccines.

We visited Freeman Street to find out why people did or didn’t get the jab.

Gary and Christine Buller are unvaccinated but hope they won’t be able to the get the virus twice – something scientists think might be possible.

“We both had Covid about eight months ago. It was pretty bad, you wouldn’t want it again,” Gary said.

“I think we must have immunity now though.

“We are concerned that the vaccine hasn’t been tested enough, and the protection it gives you might not last long.

“People who have the jab are still getting Covid.

“I don’t think anything would get us to change our minds – we are happy as we are.”

Medical experts note that while the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch the virus, it drastically reduces the chance of becoming seriously ill or dying.

People who have chosen to shun the vaccine are “nuts” according to another local resident.

“I got the vaccine as early as possible – almost the day I was eligible. I don’t have any doubts about its safety or effectiveness,” he said.

“Covid-19 is much more dangerous than any vaccine – hopefully everyone knows that.

“I don’t personally know anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated, but it depends on the circles you move in. I’m sure there are plenty.

“I’m looking forward to getting my booster jab next week as it will be exactly six months since my second dose. It will make me feel a lot safer over the winter.”

David Sanderson also had his jabs, but is still worried that Covid complacency might send the country towards another lockdown.

“I had Covid this February. I was off for three weeks because I was so ill, and I didn’t eat at all for one of the weeks,” David said.

“The side-effects from the first jab were very mild compared to the virus, and I didn’t have any at all with the second one.

“I am still being careful, taking a test twice a week at home.

“I just hope we’re not going back towards another lockdown at Christmas.

“No one seems to be wearing a mask at all these days. I went to the cinema the other day, and I was the only mask-user out of 100 or so people.

“We don’t want to end up like parts of the USA where everyone is sceptical that Covid actually exists.

“Anyone who has had it themselves or seen someone with it can say categorically that it isn’t fake news or a hoax, and everyone should get the vaccine.”

Around four in five North East Lincolnshire residents have had the first jab, according to the latest data, with some areas much higher than others.

Wendy Aisthorpe on Freeman Street, one of Grimsby’s least Covid vaccinated areas. | Photo: Jamie Waller

Wendy Aisthorpe said: “I got mine as I wanted to help the situation. I booked in fairly early.

“My daughter hasn’t had hers as she is breastfeeding, I’m not sure if she will do in the future.

“I’m not 100 per cent how effective the vaccines are personally, but at least I know I have done my bit to fight Covid.”

Daily drop-in vaccination clinics are being run around the area.

There is no need to book, although people should wait at least eight weeks after their first dose.

See the North East Lincolnshire CCG’s latest list of where and when clinics will be run to find one near you.