November 29, 2021 12.12 am

Perpetrators of domestic abuse urged to ‘Make a Change’

Video launched today speaks directly to people who are abusive in their relationships.

A domestic abuse programme in Lincolnshire is launching a video speaking directly to people using abuse in their relationships. The video is designed to support professionals’ referrals and encourage self-referral to the Make a Change programme, which gives people behaving abusively in their relationships the opportunity to change for the better.

Make a Change is a free programme in Lincolnshire for anyone over 18 who is concerned that their behaviour towards a partner or ex-partner has been controlling, harmful or frightening. It includes separate and confidential support for partners and/or ex-partners. Around 50% of referrals to the programme are self-referrals from people concerned about their own behaviour.

The video, produced in collaboration by Make a Change and Lincolnshire Police, will be shown during conversations when people express a concern that their behaviour has been – or is being – harmful to their loved ones. The video has three aims:

  • To increase awareness of Make a Change
  • To increase professional referrals to Make a Change
  • To increase self-referrals to Make a Change

To ensure the safety of victims and survivors, Make a Change has developed internal guidance to ensure the video is only used in environments and at times where the survivor is safe and in doing so will not increase the risk of harm to them.

National Lead for Make a Change, Rebecca Vagi, said,

“Domestic abuse is still a common problem in our society. Each year almost 2 million adults experience some form of domestic abuse – each one abused by another person. Yet less than 1% of people who use abusive behaviours are accessing help for this. Make a Change offers vital help to people who want to change their harmful patterns of behaviour, including coercive and controlling behaviours.

“Central to our approach are the needs of survivors. It is through supporting and talking to them directly that we learn if our work with a perpetrator is having the intended impact of increasing their safety and wellbeing.

“We recognise the important role that communities and professionals have in responding to domestic abuse. We offer training and outreach to help develop skills and confidence to identify and respond safely to this issue. This is part of shaping a coordinated community response to domestic abuse.   

“By working together, we are creating system-wide change in Lincolnshire to ensure those who are using and experiencing abuse, get the help they need, when they need it.”

About Make a Change

Make a Change was developed by Respect, in partnership with Women’s Aid, and Lincolnshire is one of 4 areas nationally where the response is being funded and delivered. Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire County Council and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are the lead agencies supporting the work.

Our delivery partners in Lincolnshire are: The Jenkins Centre and SoLDAS

For more information please contact:

 You can access the video here:

“People make mistakes, but change is everything. Getting help was the best thing I ever did.” – Make a Change service user

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