November 2, 2021 4.26 pm This story is over 24 months old

Smelly Skelly factory complaints continue to pour in

More complaints, but the stink remains

North Kesteven District Council has received another 136 complaints about the stench and noise coming from a Skellingthorpe factory which continues to cause frustration for local residents.

In September, a Freedom of Information request by The Lincolnite revealed that 600 complaints were sent to the council between the start of 2015 and September 15 this year regarding the factory on Jerusalem Road — with the bulk of the complaints filed in the last six month.

Although the situation hasn’t been as bad lately according to some villagers, the number of complaints is still rising and The Lincolnite is continually pressing the district council and factory operator for answers.

The council said that since September 16 there have been a further 136 reports made about the issue up to and including Monday, November 1. This means that since the start of 2015 there have now been 736 complaints, and the issue shows no signs of going away.

The council issued A Hughes & Son with a Request for Information Notice on August 20 this year. The company replied with detailed information within the prescribed timescale, which is now being reviewed by the council.

Local residents David Crockatt and Joy James are fed up with the horrid smell in Skellingthorpe. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

A North Kesteven District Council spokesperson said: “We have received the data requested from the operator under the statutory notice which had been issued and are now reviewing this detailed technical information and determining our next steps.

“Officers and our local members continue to take the issue seriously and will record any further complaints together.

“Any residents in the Skellingthorpe area who experience any new instances of this odour can email us at [email protected] with details of the intensity of the odour, the duration of it, and when and where it occurred. Reports can also be made online via our website.”

A Hughes & Son received a formal written warning from the district council in relation to odour emission on August 3 this year. On the same date, a formal written warning in relation to particulate emission was issued to the company.

Residents have had to endure the smell and noise coming from the factory, which is now run by A Hughes & Son.

When The Lincolnite contacted A Hughes & Son to ask what has been done to address residents’ concerns, and if any action will be taken in the future, nobody was available for comment.

The rendering plant is located on Jerusalem Road in Skellingthorpe. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Local villager Joy James said: “The situation regarding smell is that it is no better and no worse.

“The wind direction has been in our favour so the smell hasn’t reached us so often, but the severity is still the same when it does.”

Resident Dave Crockatt said: “The situation has improved only slightly. For instance there was a bad smell this Sunday morning (October 31).

“There was black smoke from the chimney one day last week. On several days over the last month there has been a smell from the plant.”

Joff Burr has previously tried to complain to the council’s Environmental Health team, but said he has so far had no response. However, he did add that the situation has “been fine for the last week or so”.

The latest Smelly Skelly stink map as of November 2, 2021.

Meanwhile, a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, created a map earlier this year to visualise the spread of the smell the factory produces, saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” – view the map here.

Norton Disney plans

Protesters against a similar proposal in Norton Disney. Photo: Jasper Weldon

Campaigners fighting a controversial animal rendering plant in Norton Disney were celebrating in September after the proposals were withdrawn by the applicants.

Lincoln Proteins Ltd resubmitted their planning application for the facility at Villa Farm on Folly Lane, in May. It was previously refused in February 2020 by Lincolnshire County Council amid concerns over heritage and location.

The company then withdrew the plans in order to carry out further surveys.

A planning application was submitted on for the proposed demolition of two existing semi-detached dwellings, and the erection of two detached properties at the same site – Villa Farm, Folly Lane in Norton Disney. The document states it was prepared by Nick Grace, Partner at Grace Machin Planning & Property.

A Hughes & Son were asked what this would mean for the firm’s initial rendering plant plans in Norton Disney, but nobody was available for comment.